Online Casino in America 2020

One thing is sure. 2020 will be the year when online casino and online betting really takes off in the US. After the revocation of PASPA, allowing online casinos and sportsbook to operate if the State allows it, there has been a huge movement in many states. And more to come. As we write in the introduction to online casino, things are moving fast and we expect the numbers of casinos grow parallel to the legal developments.

Currently, there is a movement of allowing online gambling in almost every state. Going deeper into 2020 we expect even more states to start looking into the possibilities of regulating its online markets. A US online casino 2020 is a big business and many are to gain from re-regulating the states.

Online casino America 2020Oddly enough, the involvement of big money is also the biggest threat to State regulation of online casino services. As many different interests need to be aligned, some States might end up in hard negotiations with different stakeholders. The various teams want a piece of the cake. The organizations that run the leagues also want what they consider their part. And most important, the State purses wants some well-needed tax money.

We hope that the new possibility, to allow online gambling 2020, will all interests find common ground and keep their eyes on the target – creating a great and beneficial environment for all that holds a stake in online casino 2020.

What is needed to make online casinos explode in 2020 and beyond?

First of all, online casinos need to build for the future. Even if all involved in the online gambling world is very excited that we finally can offer casino online in the US, it is important that we prepare for the future. The winner in the online casino world is not the one who will make the most out of 2020. Instead, the winner will be the one who sees beyond 2020 and already now starts making preparations for the future.

Innovation and technology are developing at a pace never seen before. What and how it will look like is not entirely clear but companies active within online gambling needs to prepare. AI is for certain something that everybody will talk about, but it is hard to predict when and how online casinos will benefit. Most certain it will be within customer support and other areas as well.

Another, more likely, development in 2020 is the introduction of 5G (being superfast internet services) in some parts of the US. To understand more of 5G and what it really means check out this article of 3 business trends to look out for in 2020. The revolution of 5G can develop casinos in extraordinary ways. With super-fast internet connections on the move, you will be able to play e.g. live casino on mobile almost everywhere in the big cities.